Mehmet Bozkurt

Chief Executive Officer

B.Sc., GDip(MB)., GDip(QM)., MEng(MgtSys)., DipBus(FLM)., Dip TAS., LLB., GDip(LP)

+61 411 541 022

Dr Mona Chung

Chief Operating Officer


+61 414 271 678

To be Announced

Chief Financial Officer 


To be Announced

Chief Legal Officer


Graeme Cannell

Chief Scientific Officer

B.Sc(Hons)., PhD., MBA(Fin)., GDip IT., Dip(Ed)., GDip(SEC)

+61 414 379 818

Heinz L Dahl

Chief Technical Officer | Director of International Operations

B.Eng(Chemical)., B.Eng(Electrical)., B.Eng(Mechanical)., GD(Polymer Chemistry)., MBA., Certificate in Manufacturing., Certificate in Industrial Marketing

+61 452 041 475

Hussein Ragab

Executive Director of the Middle East and Africa

B.Sc., B.Eng., MA in International Business

+971 50 633 4337