Clean green hydrogen energy

Sustainable energy production

A cleaner greener future

HIPA. Hydrogen Infrastructure Projects Australia.

Rich in natural resources and steeped in technological innovation and adaptability, Australia is building an economically sustainable hydrogen industry.

The production and supply of clean green hydrogen to national and international markets will not only enhance Australia’s economic prosperity but provide the opportunity to assist the nation in meeting its greenhouse gas emission targets via ensuring the decarbonisation of the energy and industrial sectors across the globe.

HIPA provides communities and/or organisations with the opportunity to secure their future energy needs by establishing their own renewable energy resources through the construction and management of solar and/or wind farms, industrial hydrogen plants and appropriate storage facilities.


Solar Farms

The perfect combination of solar resources, land availability and water proximity.


Wind Farms

Integrated with Lithium Titanate (LTO) battery storage systems solar farms combined with wind farms can provide sustainable base load energy on demand.


Production & Storage Infrastructure

Investing in new and existing infrastructure with innovative technology resources.


Hydrogen Export

Developing economic opportunities for a hydrogen export industry with the Asia Pacific and beyond.


Hydrogen Uses

From Hydrogen fuelled transport, to industrial feedstocks.

The way forward to a cleaner greener future.

The future of Australia’s energy generation sector lies in the development of sustainable alternatives.

Australia is a nation rich in resources which include but are not limited to vast open areas of sun-drenched lands, access to clean water and a workforce that is highly educated and suitably skilled to undertake the inevitable transition into a low carbon economy.

The enthusiastic embrace of innovative technologies that deliver improved environmental outcomes whilst generating sustainable economic development remains a national priority.

It has been estimated that in addition to environmental benefits hundreds of thousands of new high-tech jobs will be created as the nation transitions towards a sustainable and renewable energy future.

HIPA has taken the opportunity to lead the renewable energy sector into the future by constructing and managing large scale solar and/or wind farms and hydrogen production infrastructure. In doing so HIPA will perform an essential role in assisting Australia in the establishment and maintenance of a cleaner greener future for all.

The facts.

27% reduction

Australia has ratified the Paris Agreement thus committing its people the reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

$700 Billion

The expected reach of the annual global hydrogen market by 2030.


The target price set for Australian Hydrogen production by 2025 in order to compete globally (not including storage & transport).



HIPA management is currently undertaking stakeholder engagement and analysis in order to establish a Solar Farm and Hydrogen Energy production plant in Canberra.

Currently In Development

Currently negotiating with a number of countries to design, construct and manage solar farms and hydrogen energy production plants. China, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Japan, Malaysia, Mauritius, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Turkiye, UK & Zimbabwe.