The highly experienced and dedicated management team at HIPA have a very clear understanding of the environmental benefits and economic opportunities in the production and provisioning of clean green hydrogen as an alternative source of sustainable energy.


To become Australia’s largest producer of clean green hydrogen for both national and international markets.


To efficiently and cost effectively produce hydrogen electrochemically.

This will be carried out via utilising the electricity generated from large scale solar and wind farms to desalinate seawater and subsequently undertake electrolysis of desalinated seawater and/or potable water.

Corporate Objectives

The core objectives of HIPA include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Provide awareness training to highlight sustainable alternatives within the energy generation sector.
  2. Seek support and/or participation from communities and/or organisations in establishing their own source of renewable energy.
  3. Construct and manage solar and/or wind farms for the production of clean green electricity.
  4. Construct and manage industrial plants for the production of clean green hydrogen.
  5. Ensure that clean green electricity and/or hydrogen is made available for domestic and foreign consumption.


Everyone benefits from clean, green and sustainable energy production.