HIPA management are currently working with a team within Africa.


Nyasha Muchochomi

Director – Business Development (Africa)

Nyasha Muchochomi holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance from Deakin University, Australia and is currently undertaking a Master’s in Leadership. In addition to being a graduate of the Australian School of Social Entrepreneurs, he has also played a lead role in facilitating exchange programs between Australia and Africa. The recipient of 8 leadership awards from organisations such as Rotary, Committee for Geelong, Deakin University and the AFL, Nyasha has also served on an Ethics Committee for Deakin University’s Health Faculty of Human Research.

Nyasha is a strong advocate for Africa’s use of renewable energy as a source of transformation. Once a member of the Australian National Speakers Association, Nyasha continues his work as a keynote speaker on Change Management, Social Entrepreneurship, Africa’s Potential and Sport. He is a consultant to both government institutions and private organisations including listed companies.